Treating the Tiniest of Hearts

Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery
At Albany Med we have a team of the most experienced pediatric heart specialists who provide comprehensive care to children with congenital heart diseases.
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Congenital heart disease is one of the most common types of birth defects in children. A congenital heart defect is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels which is present a birth. Many defects do not need treatment; however some complex congenital heart defects require medication or surgery. At Albany Med, our young patients with congenital heart defects have access to cutting-edge surgical techniques, advanced anesthetic management and comprehensive pre- and post-operative care tailored specifically to their needs.

Albany Med is dedicated to providing expert surgical care for infants, children and adolescents with congenital heart defects. Our specialists are highly trained in treating the specific needs of children. Working closely with parents, our specialists will develop an individualized treatment plan to meet the needs of your child. We strive to provide family-centered care, understanding how stress this time can be for children and their parents.

Neil Devejian, M.D., the director of pediatric cardiac surgery at Albany Medical Center discusses how Albany Med provides life-saving pediatric heart care services to the entire region.
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Antonia Carpentieri was just 10 days old when the joy of her birth was eclipsed by fear for her life. At dinner one evening, her mother and father noticed their beautiful newborn daughter’s breathing was labored; it didn’t seem right. Their tiny baby would need open heart surgery, and they relied on Albany Med to heal her heart.
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Before Hannah was born it was known that she had a heart problem. But nobody knew just how serious until the day she entered this world. Albany Med’s cardiac surgeons used an innovative and intensive technique to save her life.
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Keaton McGivney has a special relationship with Neil Devejian, MD. Born with heart complications, Dr. Devejian performed a number of heart surgeries to save Keaton's life. His mother Taryn shares his story.
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Who expects a healthy 7-year-old boy to have a stroke? No one. But when it happened to Arthur he went to Albany Med to get some answers. The cause? An infection in the heart. Two surgeries later he is playing basketball in the driveway like any other kid.
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Today, at 9 years old, Chloe is a reigning “Heart Princess.” But three days after she was born her life was in danger. Albany Med cardiac surgeons performed life-saving surgery on her tiny heart and Chloe’s parents were able to bring their newborn baby home.
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