Cardiac Catheterization Labs
Albany Medical Center houses three cath labs giving physicians the ultimate view of the heart, both for diagnosing heart function and for clearing arterial blockages. The labs were the first in the region to offer drug-eluting stents that not only reduce restenosis in patients down to as low as 3-7%, but also decrease the need for open-heart surgeries. The labs also provide the region’s only pediatric catheterization program. Cath lab teams can be mobilized within 30 minutes to treat patients in emergency situations.

The catheterization labs, which show physicians a real time picture of conditions "within" the vessels and organs of the body, have become an ordinary medical procedure to diagnose and treat conditions that in the past would have never been discovered without major open cavity surgery.

Today, a patient may undergo a catheterization to diagnose a condition and be discharged that same day. Previously, that patient may have been in the hospital multiple days recovering from open surgery.