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Cardiac Rehabilitation


Cardiac rehabilitation or rehab is divided into three phases: Phase I takes place while you are still in the hospital. Phase I is designed to get you back on your feet and home as soon as possible.

Phase II begins shortly after you are discharged from the hospital. Phase II is a 12-week or 36-visit outpatient program that focuses on your physical and emotional health. Your care is monitored by a cardiac rehab nurse and a physical therapist or exercise physiologist. Your heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure will be monitored while you perform a light exercise program. The exercise program is tailored to your specific needs and will include aerobic training on a treadmill or exercise bike and strengthening exercises.

During Phase II, we offer counseling on managing stress, diet education, and other ways to lead a healthier life. There is support for smoking cessation, weight loss and resources are available to address medication questions. Education also includes identifying cardiac risk factors and encouraging behavior changes to reduce the risk of a future cardiac event. Your cardiologist is provided with progress notes to assist in team management of your care.

Phase III builds off your progress from Phase II. You will continue to have your heart rate and blood pressure monitored during exercise to assist you in maintaining your physical and cardiovascular health. The support and education of the Phase II program is still available, and the health care team will continue to work together to ensure continued recovery.