Physicians & Staff

You will meet a number of health care professionals who make up your treatment team. There is a bulletin board in our waiting room hallway with photographs introducing the department staff to you. Our staff is here to deliver a comprehensive treatment program that meets your needs. Members of your team include:

Radiation Oncologist:
Medical doctors specialized in using radiation to treat disease. Our physicians are all board certified in Radiation Oncology. 

Susan Gibbons, MD; radiation oncology board certified in 1993.

Radiation Oncology Nurse:
Oncology nurses specialized in providing education about treatment and nursing care for your possible side effects during therapy. Our nurses all have more than 20 years of nursing experience.

Radiation Therapist:
Licensed professionals who perform the simulations, position you for your daily treatments and operate the equipment that delivers the radiation.

Licensed professionals who perform the computer planning and calculations for your treatment.

Radiation Physicist:
Medical physicists who perform routine review of treatment plans and quality control of the department machines to make sure the radiation dose received by the patient is accurate and safe.