Transplant Services - Kidney (Renal) & Pancreatic

Transplant Surgery
The Transplant Program at Albany Medical Center is nationally acclaimed, has some of the best outcomes in the country, with wait periods among the shortest in the Northeast.
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The Division of Renal and Pancreatic Transplant Services at Albany Medical Center specializes in kidney and pancreas transplants to diabetic patients with renal failure.

From the moment you contact the Transplant Program, you will feel a difference due to a long history of experience and expertise at every level. Our experts strive to provide excellent short and long-term results after renal transplantation and/or simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation.

Dr. David Conti, Director of Albany Medical Center's Transplant Program, has been performing transplants for over 20 years and has been with the Albany Medical Center Transplant Program since 1989. He is a nationally-recognized transplant surgeon and Chairman of the New York State Transplant Council. 

As a leading researcher in the field of transplant immunology, he has kept the program on the leading edge of innovative drug studies. The results have helped transform the nation's post-transplant experience from its early days of high rejection and infection rates, to recent studies resulting in steroid-free immunosuppressive regimens with a low incidence of rejection and infection.

In addition to our long history of expertise, we offer:

  • Close cooperative efforts between surgical, anesthesiology, nephrology, endocrinology and infectious disease specialists.
  • Excellent outcomes in recipients of organ transplants.
  • A dedicated 13-bed transplant unit providing focused expertise.