Hand Surgery

Reconstructive hand surgery is a very specialized surgery that can treat conditions that cause pain and impair the strength, function and flexibility of the wrist and fingers. Some conditions that hand surgery help to correct include:

The Procedure
At Albany Medical Center, our specially trained plastic surgeons will determine the appropriate type of hand surgery depending on the condition that it is intended to treat. Ranging from injury due to trauma or abnormalities present at birth, our plastic surgeons have the capabilities to address the most complex hand surgeries. 

When treating traumatic hand or finger injury, tendon repair is usually required to restore function and movement. When hand surgery is required to help repair birth deformities, such as syndactyly (when fingers are fused together), specialized surgical techniques are used. Skin grafting or local flap procedures may be used to create flexibility at the incision site resulting in normal growth and movement of the fingers. 

Tendon Repair

When treating traumatic hand or finger injury, tendon repair is required.

Syndactyly Repair

When fingers are fused together, a condition called syndactyly, specialized surgical techniques are used to correct the problem.

The Recovery
Depending on the type of hand surgery procedure performed, the final outcome of surgery is to improve and restore function in the hand. Desired results may develop over time, but advancements in hand surgery have accomplished most favorable outcomes in reconstruction.