Buttock Lift

A buttock lift is intended for men and women who cannot improve the look of their buttocks through exercise. Many individuals have sagging buttocks due to weight loss or aging. A buttock lift can improve the shape and tone of the buttocks by removing excess fat and sagging skin.

The Procedure
A buttock lift involves incisions around the area that is going to be lifted. The exact placement of the incisions is carefully determined by your Albany Medical Center plastic surgeon before surgery to ensure minimal to no visible scaring. After incisions are made, the skin is tightened and reshaped, and in some cases excess skin tissue and fatty deposits is removed to create a smoother, more contoured buttock shape. Sometimes, a buttock lift is combined with other procedures, like liposuction.

The Recovery
Immediately following buttock lift surgery, patients wear an elastic compression garment that helps to support the buttocks. Pain or discomfort can be controlled by prescribed medications. Swelling and bruising will occur, but will disappear within three to four weeks after surgery. Most patients return to work within two to three weeks; however, each patient’s recuperation period varies.