Post Operative Information

Post Operative Care

After the surgery the patient needs to clean the nose with saline irrigation at least twice a day for the first month. The irrigation system is provided to the patient before the surgery. The aim is to remove the crusts that form inside the nose after this kind of procedure. Crusts are dry blood and mucus attached to the raw areas inside the nose. Once the mucosa underneath the crust is healed, the crust needs to be removed to prevent infection. The nasal irrigation is excellent because it will clean out just the crusts already loose inside the nose. For the first month the patient cannot blow the nose and should avoid heavy lifting. Everything that increases the pressure in the head should be avoided. Sleep with the head elevated with pillows and sneezing with the mouth opened are also important measures.

Postoperative Chronology

1 week postop:

  • Removal of silicone splints from both nostrils.
  • The splints are used to prevent scar bands inside the nose.
  • Dry blood and mucus are suctioned from the nasal cavities under endoscopic view.
  • This procedure is done at the clinic.
  • Nasal packing is rarely necessary. If it is needed, the packing is usually removed in 3-4 days postop. 

3 weeks postop:

  • Removal of crusting under endoscopic visualization.
  • This procedure is done at the clinic using topical spray anesthesia.

7 weeks postop:

  • Routine check-up to assess the crusting.
  • Further removal is performed if necessary and the postop visits are tailored according to the severity of crusting.