Injury Prevention

More and more children are becoming actively involved in competitive sports than ever before. Sports help children stay active – keeping their bodies fit and their self-confidence high. However, there is a risk of injury associated with all sports, especially to ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones.  It is important for parents to understand injury prevention, so their children can enjoy a safe and optimal experience while participating in sports.  Injury prevention is not just for children, but also for athletes of all ages.

At Albany Med, the experienced physicians of Sports and Exercise Medicine create individualized plans to help athletes of all levels prevent injury and reach an elevated height of performance.  A critical aspect of the practice is education—training parents of athletes and athletes themselves in injury prevention techniques, which include:

  • Wearing the appropriate gear required during sports
  • Strengthening muscles by conditioning exercises before games and during practice
  • Increasing flexibility with stretching exercises before and after games or practice
  • Using proper technique
  • Playing safely
  • Stopping if pain is experienced
  • Getting adequate rest