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Plastic Surgeon Expands Options for Children

With the arrival of plastic surgeon Oluwaseun (Seun) Adetayo, MD, Albany Med continues to expand its reach into highly specialized care for children, teenagers and young adults.

Dr. Adetayo, trained to correct the full range of craniofacial and pediatric plastic surgical anomalies, said, “My goal is to diminish any functional and aesthetic differences, great or small, during those formative years and into adulthood.”

Within two months of arriving this past summer, Dr. Adetayo performed her first cranial vault expansion at Albany Med. This complex procedure corrects pediatric craniosynostosis, a condition where the sutures in an infant’s head fuse together too early, inhibiting the skull from expanding properly as the brain grows.

Using state-of-the-art surgical techniques, Dr. Adetayo and her team, with the collaboration of pediatric neurosurgeon Matthew Adamo, MD, successfully removed strips of bone in the child’s skull and expanded the volume of the skull, allowing the brain more room for expansion and a normal head shape.

Dr. Adetayo has exhibited an attentiveness to patients and their families that extends beyond the operating room.

“I was so pleased and impressed with her time and dedication,” said one parent whose child was treated this fall for a facial injury. “She never made us feel as if we weren’t equally important. As a parent, that was huge.”

Dr. Adetayo is specially trained in both pediatric and adult plastic surgery, allowing her to customize patient care, as many of her young patients will need additional corrective surgeries as they mature into adulthood.

In addition, Dr. Adetayo specializes in the treatment of cleft lips and palates, pediatric cranial reconstructive procedures, craniomaxillofacial reconstruction, management of congenital nevi such as moles and birthmarks, vascular malformations and hemangiomas, and other anomalies of the face and body.