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Albany Med Today

Putting Patients First in New Patient Pavilion

From conception, design, construction and soon everyday use, the inspiration behind the 325,000-square-foot Patient Pavilion project has remained the same.

“That is a patient building,” said Steven M. Frisch, MD, executive vice president and hospital general director. “The entire project is focused on taking care of our patients.”

Spacious private rooms, state-of-the-art operating suites and plentiful family spaces will assist in providing the best outcome for the patient and best experience for the family; this has been the dual objective of all design decisions reflected in the Patient Pavilion.

Now, as the completion of the $360 million  project approaches, Dr. Frisch shares his thoughts on five major patient benefits of Albany Med’s newest building:

Different Ages, Different Spaces
“We’re a Children’s Hospital within a hospital, so we continue to try and separate the notion of the Children’s Hospital and adult care spaces out of sensitivity to the children and their parents. The whole Patient Pavilion children’s surgical experience is going to be separate. A waiting area, with a playful, nautical theme, leads to prep areas and interview rooms that carry the same child-friendly design. From there a child will go to a pediatric OR and back to a colorful recovery area where their family will be waiting. Separately, adult patients and families have their own waiting room as we customize the experience to the patients’ needs.”

Bright Light, Big Rooms
“Every room in the Patient Pavilion is designed as a single-patient room. That’s a huge benefit to the patient from a privacy standpoint; it also is a clinical ‘best practice’ for lowering infection risk. Additionally, the large windows in each room allow for a great deal of natural light. That helps patients maintain a day-night cycle, which helps in sleeping patterns, reducing stress and improving the healing process.”

Space for the Whole Family
“All rooms in the new building are designed to have three spaces: a nursing space, a patient space and a family space. That’s a new concept, the whole notion of a different role, a changing role for families in health care. Years ago, families were told ‘You wait out there.’ It’s a much more inclusive concept now. The new patient rooms and public areas for families help facilitate involvement in care and healing.”

New Technology
“We have a state-of-the-art hybrid OR suite, cutting-edge intraoperative CT scanning and Giraffe environment technology for our NICU patients as well as a variety of other new technologies throughout the Patient Pavilion. These additions allow us to continue to advance from the point of view of patient safety, convenience and a precision of surgery.”

Energized Staff
“What I’ve seen over the years, to the credit of our staff, is they get genuinely energized by the opportunity to service their patients better. It’s our job to provide the staff with the tools to deliver excellent patient care. In so many ways, this building and everything in it are the tools. A lot of excitement that we’re seeing and hearing from the staff is the recognition that they’re going to be able to provide better care in a nicer environment for patients and families.”