Our Stories - Jenna Tomlins

Experience Makes the Difference

Rachel Tomlins was in hysterics. Her two-year-old daughter Jenna was progressively losing feeling in her body. 

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Rachel Tomlins describes a mother's worst nightmare and how an Albany Med doctor helped it go away.

Starting with her feet, Jenna was becoming paralyzed. When doctors near her hometown of Hopewell Junction couldn't find the problem, Rachel was faced with a choice - where to go to find out what was happening to her little girl.

She chose Albany Med.  There, she met Dr. Karen Powers.  After an exam and a review of the myriad of tests done on Jenna, Dr. Powers had the answer.

Checking Jenna's hair, she found an American Dog tick, the very thing that was causing the paralysis.  Extremely rare in the Northeast, Dr. Powers had seen this issue happen during her fellowship in Virginia.

Once the tick was removed, Jenna quickly recovered. Thanks to Dr. Powers' experience, Jenna is now fine, and will have no lasting impact from the incident.