A Lifeline for Our Research - Michelle Lennartz

Medical College Funding Provides Lifeline to Research

A few years ago, Albany Medical College Professor Michelle Lennartz, PhD, realized that before she could obtain the funding she needed to fully research the connection between certain proteins found in blood vessels and a higher risk for stroke, she would need evidence supporting her theory.

Generating that evidence required seed money.

Michelle Lennartz, PhD

Dr. Michelle Lennartz got the funds she needed to get her research off the ground thanks to Albany Medical College.

With the help of a $5,000 award from Albany Medical College, Dr. Lennartz was able to gather the preliminary data she needed to obtain two grants from the National Institutes of Health for a total of $410,000. These grants have allowed Dr. Lennartz to take her research to the next level.

“The support I received allowed me to gather the data needed to show the NIH that it was worth funding this research to help detect circumstances that put some individuals at higher risk for debilitating conditions,” Dr. Lennartz said. 

“That grant was the lifeline we needed to conduct this important research,” she added.

“Every dollar donated to Albany Medical College supports our missions, enabling us to cover costs for which there is no direct source of revenue,” said Dean Vincent Verdile, MD.

The funding Dr. Lennartz received allowed her to conduct research in collaboration with the Medical Center’s vascular surgeons and pathologists and to bring medical students into the research arena. Today she is continuing her work to identify predictors of heart attack and stroke.