February 3, 2011 | Posted By Bruce D. White, DO, JD

About a year ago, the St. Petersburg Times reported that a Florida Circuit Court judge ordered that a 29-year-old mother of two, then 25-weeks pregnant, remain hospitalized involuntarily to protect the fetus. The newspaper quoted the judge as saying that the state had the authority “to ensure that children receive medical treatment which is necessary for the preservation of life and health.” (One early report may be found here.)

The reason the judge got involved was at the request of the woman’s attending physician who had asked the patient to quit smoking and to remain in bed to improve the odds for an improved outcome at delivery. The woman was dissatisfied with the care and requested to go elsewhere for treatment. The court intervened at the physician’s request with support from a state attorney. Unfortunately, the mother delivered a stillborn child a few days later.

In this case, the doctor, the state attorney, and the judge acted improperly under the state’s child welfare statutes. On appeal to the Florida Circuit Court of Appeals for the 2d Circuit, Judge Nikki Clark wrote an opinion last August that favored the patient’s rights over the state’s interests. The court ruled that the pregnant woman has fundamental rights to privacy under the Florida constitution and that any state interference was subject to strict scrutiny. (Click here for more information on the ruling.)

The Court of Appeals decision is consistent with several state and federal court decisions and the published view of the American Medical Association (AMA):

The AMA has reminded physicians that their duty is to ensure that a pregnant woman is provided with the necessary and appropriate information to enable her to make an informed decision about her fetus and that that duty does not extend to attempting to influence her decision or attempting to force a recommended procedure upon her.

(See this link for more information on forced cesarean deliveries.)

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