June 10, 2011 | Posted By David Lemberg, M.S., D.C.
Dr. Adina Roskies
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Dr. Adina Roskies is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Dartmouth College. Her areas of specialization are Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, and Philosophy of Mind.

Dr. Roskies was Project Fellow on the MacArthur Project in Law and Neuroscience from 2007 through 2010. Her recent publications include Neuroscientific challenges to free will and responsibility, published in Trends in Cognitive Sciences; “Neuroethics beyond genethics”, published in EMBO Reports; and Neuroimaging and inferential distance, published in Neuroethics.

In our 5-3-2011 BIOETHICS TODAY conversation, Dr. Roskies discusses

  • Free will and determinism
  • Compatibilism and incompatibilism
  • Neuroscience–the brain as a mechanism
  • Can the brain cause behavior?
  • Neuroscience, determinism, and moral responsibility
  • Neuroscience and the law

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