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Topic: Fairness
March 28, 2014 | Posted By Marleen Eijkholt, PhD

Amber is a 70 year old woman. She is doing poorly. She has metastasized cancer, multiple co-morbidities and a pressure ulcer. Apart from her ulcer, she has no acute care needs that condone her to the hospital. Some predict that she is likely to pass over in 3 months. With the right type of medications Amber could go home. However, the pressure ulcer medications that she needs cost about 200 dollars a day and she does not have the right type of insurance to pay for this. As a result, she is confined to a hospital bed. 

Amber has always contributed diligently to society. She worked from age 17 in a bank and paid her taxes diligently. Amber and her husband, who died 3 years ago, raised 3 children and lived in a town upstate New York. They used to take holidays on the West-Coast, where Amber has a family summer home.  This house belonged to her great grand-mother and has been in her family for 120 years. All of Amber’s family is attached to this house.

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