Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

In their final year before transitioning to Kindergarten, the children of our pre-K program will have built a solid foundation of Kindergarten readiness skills, allowing them to successfully move into the more formal educational setting.

Through our curriculum, we strive to help your child accomplish the following objectives by the end of pre-K:


  • Share and take turns
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Transition from activities smoothly
  • Care for classroom and personal materials
  • Attention span of 10-15 min per activity


  • Accept responsibility
  • Develop self control and problem solving strategies
  • Develop self confidence


  • Develop muscular coordination
  • Trace
  • Scissor control
  • Correct pencil grip
  • Lace objects


  • Express ideas clearly and in proper sequence
  • Recognize numbers and letters
  • Develop knowledge about and interest in world around him/her