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Alden March Bioethics Institute

Research and Scholarly Works

The faculty, staff and students of Alden March Bioethics Institute are actively engaged in both empirical and conceptual research and scholarly activities. Currently active areas of such research include bio-banking, research on human subjects, clinical ethics and clinical ethics consultation, stem cell ethics, international bioethics, medical education, pharmacy ethics, responsible conduct of research, as well as sexual, reproductive and obstetrical ethics.

Biobanking and Research Involving Humans
Biobanking involves the collection and storage of biological samples and health and lifestyle information.
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Clinical Ethics and Clinical Ethics Consultation
The founding faculty of the Alden March Bioethics Institute, from its origins in the Center for Medical Ethics, Education and Research in 1994 has staffed the clinical ethics consultation service at The Albany Medical Center Hospital since its inception. Thus, clinical ethics, clinical ethics consultation, and their role in medical education continue to be an important area of focus both for professional service and research.
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Embryos, Parthenotes, and Stem Cells Ethics
The ethics of stem cell research focus on a range of issues including the moral status of human embryos, the physical and social harms to women, justice, hyping science, and the premature commercialization of science.
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International Bioethics
Dr. Campo-Engelstein is interested in international bioethics, especially the ethical issues unique to assisted reproductive technologies on the global scale and for both “developed” and “developing” countries. She has spent time in Costa Rica, analyzing the health care system and how race influences its implementation.

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Medical Education
Medical education has been and remains a core area of research interest for AMBI faculty members.
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Pharmacy Ethics
Pharmacy ethics is an emerging field in bioethics that examines the ethical issues in pharmacy.
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Responsible Conduct of Research
The responsible conduct of research (RCR) (a.k.a. research integrity) captures a range of ethical norms and practices such as honestly conducting and reporting research and providing due credit during publications, among other ethical practices.
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Sexual, Reproductive, and Obstetrical Ethics
Our faculty members research a range of interesting and important topics within the fields of sexual, reproductive, and obstetrical ethics. Professor Tenenbaum studies legal and ethical matters related to sexual activity among individuals with dementia. Dr. Campo-Engelstein explores the ethical concerns raised by contraception and assisted reproductive technologies, especially oncofertility. Dr. Burcher examines ethical and philosophical issues in labor and delivery.
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