Students from Diverse and Underrepresented Backgrounds

Community Outreach and Medical Education

Our mission statement here at Albany Medical College and Albany Medical Center specifically states that we have a responsibility to educate health care professionals from demographically diverse backgrounds.  Consistent with this philosophy, we encourage qualified underrepresented candidates of color and candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply to Albany Medical College.

The Office of Community Outreach & Medical Education at AMC responsibilities include oversight of diversity, cultural competence and inclusion initiatives, aiding in the recruitment of students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, community outreach of medical students in the form of service learning and assisting in curriculum development in all these areas.

Our office is also responsible for the administration of pipeline programs like the Science Technology Entry Program (STEP), which enrolls highly motivated 7-12th graders from underrepresented backgrounds. STEP provides academic enrichment, mentoring and opportunities for service learning.

The Associate Dean for Community Outreach & Medical Education oversees all of the activities described above, provides mentorship for enrolled students and is actively involved in the admissions process of students from diverse, underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds.

The office is in the MS building here at Albany Medical College  For more information please call (518) 262-0244.