M.D. with Distinction

M.D. with Distinction

The M.D. with Distinction program is open to anyone enrolled in medical school and offers students the opportunity to explore an area of personal interest in a scholarly manner. Students are guided by the expertise of a mentor in the track of their choice, to develop knowledge and skillfulness. Graduating “with Distinction” adds to the student’s portfolio when applying for residency and other professional appointments.

With the help of a mentor, students can follow one of five tracks to attain an MD with Distinction degree. As a main component of the program, students will take an investigative approach and develop a project that addresses a problem in the medical arena. 


Learn about the Tracks

Each of the tracks consist of a curriculum that includes a longitudinal study with mentored guidance, beginning with a written proposal and supervised by a Thesis Advisory Committee that is unique for each student. The project consists of several weeks of field, clinical, analytical or laboratory work, and includes a presentation of outcomes at Medical Student Investigation Day (or a similar venue.) Projects culminate with an oral presentation open to the academic community and defense of a thesis or other document before the Thesis Advisory Committee. Students can complete all components of the Distinction tracks with the four years allotted for medical school, and with no extra tuition or costs.


Meet some Students

View some videos of students who were involved in the MD With Distinction Program.