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Undergraduate Medical Education

Financial Aid

The AMC Financial Aid Guide is your go-to document for all things related to financial aid at AMC, such as the AMC financial aid application process, aid disbursement, AMC time payment, federal student loans, New York State aid, student budgets and anticipated expenses, tuition and fee charges, tuition refund policy, Title IV Refund Calculation, and the like.

To access the Financial Aid Guide, please click “Financial Aid Guide” on the right hand side of this page. Note for AMC’s tuition refund policy, please see page 26 of the Financial Aid Guide.

Student Health Insurance
Albany Medical College requires all students to be covered by comprehensive health insurance.  The cost of this coverage is the responsibility of the individual student. Proof of coverage must be confirmed prior to the beginning of classes. Students who are unable to provide proof of coverage will be enrolled in a college-approved program with the costs added to their tuition.

Tuition and Fees
The College charges a comprehensive fee that covers tuition, student activity, laboratory and graduation fees.  To access current tuition and fee charges, please click “Financial Aid Guide” on the right hand side of this page.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to change tuition and fees and to amend financial policies and regulations. The Board's authority extends to present and future students of the College.

A Tuition Policy Advisory Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees, consisting of students, faculty and Committee representatives, has recommended that the most equitable and least burdensome method for implementing necessary increases in tuition is a predictable, planned and well-communicated increase in tuition for each student each year.

Schedule of Payment
A deposit of $100 is required and must accompany the individual's Statement of Acceptance to enroll at Albany Medical College. This deposit is refundable if the student notifies the College of his/her intent to withdraw acceptance prior to May 15. The annual comprehensive fee, less the deposit, may be paid in two equal installments as follows:

  • On or before fall registration day of each academic year
  • On or before midwinter registration day of each academic year

Because the College depends upon timely payment of tuition and fees the policy on nonpayment of accounts, set forth below, must be followed:

  • Incoming first-year students and transfer students may lose their seat in the incoming class if the comprehensive fee is not paid within three days of the due date.
  • Interest will be charged at the maximum rate allowable by law for unsecured loans.
  • Satisfaction of bills, generated by the Business Office, is required to be a registered student in good standing. 
  • Students who are not in good standing might not receive credit for course work.

Failure to pay amounts due beyond the end of any semester precludes continuation or promotion at Albany Medical College (e.g., transcripts may not be forwarded and grades may not be recorded or reported by the Registrar).

Official letters of recommendation and certification must indicate the status of the student.