Academy Fellows

Each Academy member serves for for a five-year term and is eligible for re-election one time, after which, they may be elected as "Emeritus Academy Fellows".

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Junior Faculty Fellows

  • Rebecca Jeannonod, MD
    (New Teacher Award 2007) (moved on) 
  • Damian Compa, MD
    (New Teacher Award 2010) (moved on)
  • Karen Duus, PhD
    (New Teacher Scholar 2011) (moved on)
  • Lisa Campo-Engelstein
    (New Teacher Award 2013)
  • John Pugh, MD
    (New Teacher Award 2014)
  • Alex H. Nagle, MD,
    (New Teacher Award 2015)

Senior Faculty Fellows

    • David Jones, MD
      (New Member 2008)
    • Elizabeth Higgins, MD
    • Rebecca Keller, PhD
    • Thomas Andersen, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2005)
    • Stanley Glick, PhD, MD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2005) (retired)
      Thomas Friedrich, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2006)
    • C. Michael Dipersio, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2006)
    • Peter Vincent, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2007)
    • Isabelle Maisonneuve, PhD
      (Educational Development and Innovation Award 2007) (retired)
    • Dana Crawford, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2008)
    • J. Andres Melendez, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2008) (moved on)
    • Hamish Kerr, MD
      (New Teacher Award 2008)
    • Mikhail Torosoff, MD
      (Educational Development and Innovation Award 2008)
    • Wilson Crone, MD, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Award 2008)
    • Kevin Pumiglia, PhD
    • Tara Lindsley, PhD
    • Michael Sandison, MD
    • James Bennett, PhD
    • Sharon Alger, MD
    • Leon Martino, PhD
      (New Member 2008)
    • Joseph Mazurkiewicz, PhD
      (New Member 2008)
    • James R. Drake PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2009)
    • David Jourd'heuil, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2009)
    • Lindsay Hough, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor 2010)
    • Peter Vincent, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor 2010)
    • Victoria Balkoski accepting for SBIRT Program
      (Multidisciplinary Team Award 2010)
    • Beth Cadigan, MD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2012)
    • Michelle Lennartz, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2012)
    • Kathryn Hogan, MD
      (New Teacher Award 2012)
    • Alex Mongin, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2012)
    • Jennifer Lindstrom, MD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2013)
    • Natasha Lowry, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Scholar Award 2013)
    • Kate Wagner, MD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2014)
    • Tara Lindsley, PhD
      (Faculty Teaching Award 2015)
    • Julie Pilitsis, MD, PhD
      (Outstanding Mentor Award 2015)

Emeritus Faculty Fellows

  • Frank Blumenstock, PhD
  • Anthony Deluca, MD