Simulation Technology

The Center's 12,000 square feet of dedicated clinical space offers a wealth of training tools, featuring Laerdal SimMan mannequins. These mannequins have a wide range of lifelike physiological features - from real tears, dilating pupils, and heart and lung sounds to wireless, real-time responses to drug treatment and procedures.

The Center is equipped with B-Line Medical's audio and video capture platform, which enable video and audio recording of simulations for live viewing by faculty outside of the room. The videos are then archived on the Center's server where they can later be viewed and assessed by faculty. These labs also allow students to practice being a part of a multidisciplinary medical team, a key aspect of preparing for work in the medical field.

A multi-tasking, four-bay procedure room can be divided into an operating room, an intensive care unit, and a trauma center, or it can be opened up for large-scale emergency preparedness exercises.   

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