Patient Simulation

In 2011, a state-of-the-art simulation center, that utilizes a variety of methods to measure a student's ability to apply learned knowledge and skills to the assessment and management of clinical problems, opened at Albany Medical College. The Patient Safety and Clinical Competency Center allows faculty the ability to integrate simulation across the continuum of education in order to: determine practitioner competence; allow for the initiation of a system of individual and team accountability; assure patient safety; integrate emerging technology into mainstream practice; and improve the communication skills of practitioners with their patients and colleagues.

The Center for Nurse Anesthesiology (CNA) actively participates in the Simulation Committee to determine the guidelines for simulation use and outcomes. Graduate students in the CNA will experience high fidelity simulation throughout the curriculum as a method to enhance critical thinking skills and confidence as an anesthesia provider. The use of a human patient simulator is a tool for experiential learning in a safe, caring environment.

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