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Psychiatry - Faculty


The Albany Medical College Department of Psychiatry has contributed leadership and innovation in mental health care for New York’s Capital District since 1902. Today, working with its affiliated institutions, Capital District Psychiatric Center (CDPC) and the Samuel Stratton Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Albany Psychiatry continues to provide clinical psychiatric care, consultation and education within Albany Medical Center, the region’s only academic health sciences center. Core teaching and clinical faculty work closely with medical students, residents and staff to provide the most recent advances in psychiatry education and research for our patients. Faculty areas of expertise include psychodynamic and long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy, brief psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive and dialectical behavioral psychotherapy, substance abuse education and treatment, child, geriatric and adult psychopharmacology, inpatient, emergency, forensic and consultation-liaison psychiatry, administrative psychiatry, college and professional student evaluation and treatment, evaluation and treatment for professionals, psychological assessment and collaborative consultation, psychiatric nursing, group and family-based care. As an integral division of the Neurosciences Institute at Albany Medical Center, we are proud to continue to fulfill our mission to provide excellent and humane care to the mentally ill within our community now in our 105th year of practice, teaching and administrative leadership in psychiatry.

Albany Medical Center  Faculty

Victoria Balkoski, M.D.
Chair and Director of Residency Training

Jeffrey Winseman, M.D.
Associate Program Director and Director of Student Psychological Services

Abdul Brula, M.D.

Amanda Crosier, M.D.

Jennifer Durham-Fowler, Ph.D.

Khalid Elnagar, M.D.

Schekeva Hall, Ph.D.

Christopher Hamilton, Ph.D.

Robert Hubbell, Psy.D.

Aparna Iyer, M.D.

Mark Lukowitsky, Ph.D.

Benjamin Mueller, Psy.D.

Donna Newsome, M.D.

Angelo Potenciano, M.D.

Steven Sandler, M.D.

Bianca Schaefer, Ph.D.

Robin Tassinari, M.D.

Jennifer Yager, M.D.

Capital District Psychiatric Center Faculty

Kren Shriver, M.D.
Site Director

Peter Kleffnew, M.D.

Lisa Norelli, M.D.

Suguna Reddy, M.D.

Gregory Stepanets, M.D.

Sadhana Tanavde, M.D.

Wendy Van Bellingham, M.D.

Manish Verma, M.D.

Stratton VA Medical Center Hospital Faculty

Paul Haley, M.D.
Site Director

Beth Abrams, M.D.

Noman Afzal, M.D.

Gabrielli Gorospe, M.D.

Petra Langner, M.D.

Andrea Lefton, M.D.

Bushra Naz, M.D.

Dalia Perez-Gonzalez, M.D.

Syed Razi, M.D.