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Pharmacy Residency

Our Current Residents

Class of 2013 - 2014
Mark C. Botti, PharmD


Interests: Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases


“I chose Albany Medical Center (AMC) for my PGY-1 because of the diversity offered in its program.  I came here after practicing for two years as a staff pharmacist at another hospital and realized that I wanted to become a pediatric clinical pharmacist specializing with infectious diseases.  This program has the availability to tailor to my interests, while also giving an excellent broad scope of pharmacy, which is important to me.  I feel that the experiences I receive here at AMC are preparing me well for a PGY-2 and the skills I have learned will help me throughout my career.”

Devin Holden, PharmD

Interests: Pediatrics

“I chose the PGY-1 Pharmacy Practice Residency at Albany Medical Center because I wanted a residency experience at a large, academic teaching institution but also in a pharmacy department that would give me personalized education and training; the residency program at Albany Medical Center fit this mold perfectly. Because Albany Medical Center is a large, academic teaching institution there are numerous learning opportunities and many different specialties and areas of practice. In addition, the expertise of the preceptors in the pharmacy department and their focus on education and training facilitate an individualized approach to residency training. Furthermore, I wanted a residency program that was flexible, so that I could tailor the program to my interests as they changed and evolved. The residency program at Albany Medical Center meets this need because they place a high priority on flexibility and doing their best to give their residents the experience that they want.”

Deena Jecen, PharmD


Interests: Infectious Disease and HIV

"I chose to pursue my PGY-2 training in Infectious Disease and HIV Medicine here at Albany Medical Center because of the unique patient populations I will get to work with and learn from on a daily basis. I previously completed my PGY-1 year here and during that time I was able to establish lasting relationships with members of the healthcare team allowing me to have a greater impact on patient care. I believe that by working with the experienced clinical pharmacy specialists and the knowledgeable infectious disease attending physicians, I will gain further insight into the areas of practice I hope to pursue in the future. I have learned so much by spending a year here as a PGY-1, and as a PGY-2, I look forward to continuing to build a strong foundation that will ultimately set me on the right track to practice in the profession of pharmacy as an infectious disease clinical specialist."

Deena is currently our PGY2 in Infectious Disease.