Resident Research

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Sadra Azizi, MD, Pete Vlismas, Aditya Vaze, Zachary Feinberg, MD, Shawn Chaudhary, MD, Peter Ells, MD. "A Comparison of CT Imaging and Endoscopic Findings"

Sadra Azizi, MD, Emory Manten, MD, Jesse Green, MD.  "A Rare Case of Reactivated Hepatitis B in the Setting of Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Positivity"

Sadra Azizi, MD, Shawn Chaudhary, MD, Vinay Sood, DO.  "Successful Endoscopic Stenting of an Anastomotic Leak Following Gastric Bypass Surgery"

Sadra Azizi, MD, Shawn Chaudhary, MD, Shannon Comley-Sood, DO, Vinay Sood, DO.  "The Unique Utility of EUS in Diagnosis of Substernal Retroesophageal Thyroid Masses"

Syed S. Haqqie, MD, Jingping Hao, MD, Kristin Wong, MD, Arif Asif, MD. "Severe Flare of Hypothryroidism with the Onset of Nephrotic Syndrome"

Brian Hirsh, MD, Vishesh Kumar, MD, Ritu Modi, MD, Jason Sloane, MD, Kathleen Torres, MD.  "Patient Centered Medical Home: Optimizing the Referral Processes"

Syed S. Haqqie, MD Darren W. Grabe, PharmD, Thomas Myint, Kristin Wong, MD, Arif Asif, MD.  "Gabapentin Induced Acute Kidney Injury and Management with Hemodialysis"

Marina Kim, DO, Montgomery Lobe, MD, Wei Wang, MD, Nivedita Pandey, MD, Syed Mehdi, MD.  "Clinical Course of a Rare Malignancy: Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma of the Appendix"

Marina Kim, DO, Jesse Green, MD.  "Prevalence of Gastric Fundic Gland Polyps in our Upper GI Endoscopy Patient"

Marina Kim, DO, Mandeep Singh, MBBS, Vinay Sood, DO.  "Spyglass Direct Visualization Probe for the Management of a Large Biliary Stone in a Case of Gallstone Pancreatitis"

Aakash Modi, MD, Amit Chopra, MD, Haroon Chaudhry, MBBS, Recai Yucel, PhD, Shazia Choudry, MD, Neha Rane, MD, John Fantauzzi, MD, Frederic J. Hellwitz, MD, Marc A. Judson, MD.  "Mediastinal Lymphadenopathy Associated with Pneumococcal Pneumonia and Bacteremia"

Lulu Zhang, MD, MPH, Elissa Ball, RN, Bernice Williams, LPN, Syed Mehdi, MD. "Survival of Patients with Untreated Early State Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer"


Pooja Kadam, MBBS, Anupam Batra, MD, David Shaffer, MD "A Rare Case of Mixed Acinar – Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Pancreas with Lipase as the Tumor Marker" 

Lulu Zhang, MD, MPH, Raina Patel, MD, Syed Mehdi, MD  "Gemicitabine-Induced Radiation Recall Phenomenon in Two Distinctive Sites on the Same Patient" 

Mandeep Singh, MD, Pratyusha Parava, MD, Jesse Green, MD "A Unique Case of Primary Hepatic Neuroendocrine Carcinoma Causing Fulminant Liver Failure"

Pratyusha Parava, MD, Sadra Azizi, MD, Mandeep Singh, MD, Seth Richter, MD "Diverticular Disease and Its Association With Colorectal Polyps"

Pratyusha Parava, MD, Mandeep Singh, MD, Seth Richter, MD "Microscopic Colitis In Patients With Chronic Diarrhea Aged Older Than 50 Years"

Carmen C. Hui, MD., Mandeep Singh, MD., Catherine Bartholomew, MD "Oropharyngeal Dysphagia after a Botox injection for Sialorrhea" 

Pratyusha Parava, MD, Vinay Sood, DO, Charles T Bakhos, MD "Desmoplastic Melanoma of Unknown Primary Presenting as Simultaneous Gastric and Lung Masses

Carmen Hui MD, Mark Malamood MS IV, Timothy Palmieri MS III, Veena Nannegari MD, Jesse Green, MD, FACG "Does Gastrointestinal Surgery Increase the Prevalance of Clostridium Difficile Infection in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?"

Claire E. Davenport, MD, Barbara E. Bates, MD, MBA, Margaret G. Stineman, MD "A Scoring System for Predicting Recovery to a Grade of Minimal Physical Assistance after Stroke" 

Vishesh Kumar, Ramy Sedhom, Syed S Haqqie, Vinaya Soundararajan, Ramesh Soundararajan, Kristi Calland, Mahrukh Badar, Ketan Ghate, Darius Mason, Roy Mathew, Arif Asif (1).  "Are We Optimally Addressing Proteinuria in Patients Admitted to General Medical Floors?"


Archana V. Patel, MD, Nadia D Lupercio, MD, David Jones, PhD, Peter Ells, MD
"Metastatic Gastric Melanoma with an Unknown Primary Presenting as a GI Bleed" 

Nadia D. Lupercio, MD, Archana V. Patel, MD, Catherine Bartholomew, MD "Invasive Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast with Metastasis to the Colon"
Zachary Feinberg MD, Archana Patel MD, Gulam Manji MD, Ashley Barks MSIV, Seth Richter, MD "Rare Case Presentation of Small Bowel Obstruction with Primary Granulocytic Sarcoma of the Small Intestine"  

Zachary Feinberg MD, Samira Khan Manji MD, Veena Nannegari MD, Rachael Gardner MS RN, Sara King MD, Jesse Green MD "A Retrospective Analysis on Effect of the Years in Practice of Endoscopists and their Adenoma Detection Rates"

Zachary Feinberg, MD, Clyde Collins, MD, Vinay Sood, DO "A Case Series of Endoscopic Management of Early Esophageal Cancer"
Carmen Hui MD, Tomas Ricalde MD, Zachary Feinberg MD, Clyde Collins MD, Vinay Sood DO "A Rare Case of Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma to Pancreas and Adrenal Glands"

Zachary Feinberg MD, Pratyusha Parava MD, Mark Malamood MS III, Archana V. Patel MD, Mark Friedman MD, Peter Ells MD "Specificity of Ultrasonography in Diagnosis of Liver Cirrhosis: Does APRI Improve Accuracy?"

Zachary Feinberg, MD, Clyde Collins, MD, Vinay Sood, DO "A Case Series of Successful Endoscopic Management of Pancreatic Pseudocysts after Failed Surgical Drainage"  

Pratyusha Parava,MD, Clyde Collins,MD, Vinay Sood, DO "Concomitant Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Gastrointestinal Stromal tumor (GIST): A Rare Coincidence" 

Pratyusha Parava,MD, Clyde Collins,MD, Vinay Sood, DO "A Unique Case of Metallic Biliary Stent Migration into the Cystic Duct" 

Pratyusha Parava MD, Archana V. Patel MD, Alan M. Sanders MD, Richard P. MacDermott MD ,MACG "Mycobacterium Marinum Infection in a Patient with Ulcerative Colitis on Infliximab Therapy"

Pratyusha Parava, MD, AndyThanjan, MD, Vinay Sood, DO, Daniel J Bonville, DO

"Endoscopic Hemostasis Using a Metallic Biliary Stent for Life-threatening Post-sphincterotomy Bleeding in a Jehovah’s Witness"


Z. Feinberg MD, C. Collins MD, A.Thanjan MD, S. Shah BS, S. Pietrak BS, S. Richter MD "The Prevalence of Helicobacter Pylori in HIV Positive Patients"

Jessica A. Kumar , Ellis Tobin , Alan Sanders , Susan Wong , Linda Gebhardt ,P. Bryon Backenson , Jennifer White , Gary Lukacik , Philip Palmeri , Anita Kiehl , Kristina Roddy "Emerging Anaplasmosis in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York, USA"

Jessica A. Kumar, MD, MPH, Graham Atkins, MD, Richard Blinkhorn, MD "Lyme and Filariais A Wolbachia Connection: A Case"
Jessica A. Kumar, John Kalule, Carlos Elguero, Elizabeth Dufort, Ellis Tobin
"Correlation of Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Testing with Clinical-based Algorithm in a Rural Village in Uganda" 

Shervin Yousefian MD, Nadia Lupercio MD, Archana V Patel MD, Seth Richter MD
"The Value of Tissue Biopsy in Diagnosis of the Etiology of Abdominal Pain in Patients with Normal Endoscopy"

P. Parava, MD; A. Patel, MD; S. Richter, MD "Association of Abnormal CT Findings in the Upper GI Tract with an Esophagogastroduodenoscopy"

Samira Khan Manji MD, Gulam Abbas Manji MD/PhD, Sheetal Karne MD, Jeff Chao MD "Time to ATRA in suspected newly diagnosed acute promyelocytic leukemia and association with early death rate at a non-cancer center institution: Are we meeting the target?"