Facilities & Affiliations


Albany Medical Center
Albany Medical Center is the only academic health center in eastern New York and western New England.  It is the region’s only provider of tertiary patient care, medical education, and biomedical research for nearly three million people in the 25 surrounding counties. The Medical Center comprises a single complex that includes Albany Medical College, as well as a 734-bed, 7-story tertiary care hospital. The Albany Medical Center is the primary teaching hospital for the Hemato-pathology Fellowship Program. There is a large volume of material pertaining to hematopoietic neoplasia. Additionally, the flow cytometry, immunohistochemical, molecular diagnostics and cytogenetics laboratories are located at Albany Medical Center. The fellow completes rotations in morphologic hematopathology, hematology, flow cytometry, molecular diagnostics, and cytogenetics.


Stratton VA Medical Center
The Stratton VA Medical Center is a 156-bed facility located across the street from Albany Medical Center. The VA provides the hematopathology fellow with additional hematology experience including opportunities to perform bone marrow biopsies. During the rotation, the fellow reviews all bone marrow biopsies, aspirates and relevant peripheral blood smears