Students are introduced to basic principles of surgery during an eight-week rotation during the junior year.  The thrust of this rotation is to establish principles in patient evaluation and care for those disease states commonly cared for by surgeons as they can be translated to the general practice of medicine.  Emphasis is placed on the taking of a focused history, the performance and interpretation of a relevant physical examination, and the development of a diagnostic and therapeutic plan.  This eight-week rotation consists of a four-week specialty exposure (spent in neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, otolaryngology and urology) as well as four weeks on a general surgery inpatient service.  Each student participates in a small discussion group with a faculty member for two hours weekly.  An Objective Structured Clinical Exam tests diagnostic skills acquired during the surgery rotation.  A subject examination provided by the USMLE is used to assess knowledge and clinical thinking acquired during the clerkship.  In addition each student is given an oral examination by a faculty member.  Evaluation  of clinical performance is provided by both faculty and residents.

Senior students  may elect to spend four weeks in an inpatient setting during which they function as a sub-intern.  Working with the surgical attending and resident staff, the student is exposed to all aspects of the day-to-day care of the surgical patient.  Pre-operative assessment and post-operative surveillance and care are emphasized.  This is a most appropriate experience for those students contemplating a career in General Surgery or a surgical specialty.  Grading is based solely on clinical performance. 

Physicians and Staff


Chairman and Professor: Steven Stain

Professor Emeritus

    Harvey Bernard
    Robert Leather

 Neil Lempert




    Lewis Britton
    Alan Carl
    David Conti
    Anthony DeLuca
    R. Clement Darling
    Laszlo Fuzesi
    Riivo Ilves

Barry Kogan
Steven Parnes
A. John Popp
Dhiraj Shah
Richard Uhl
John Waldman



Clinical Professor

    David Drvaric
    Lyon Greenberg
   James Hoehn

Jeffrey Lozman
Arthur Schilip
Carl Wirth



Adjunct Professor

    Gennadi Glinsky

Robert Levin



Associate Professor

    Alan Boulos
    Benjamin Chang
    Daryl DiRisio
    Joseph Emerich
    Hugh Fisher
    Mark Fuchs
    Lisa Galati
    Enrique Guttin
    Amy Hahn
    Paul Hospodar
    Ronald Kaufman
    Paul Krienberg
    Edward Lee
    Manish Mehta
    Badar Mian

Ankesh Nigam
Kathleen Ozsvath
Philip Paty
Donna Pietrocola
Sean Roddy
Carl Rosati
Steven Silver
T. Paul Singh
Paul Spurgas
Sophia Socaris
Yaron Sternbach
Dan Thompson
Mark White
Harry Wilbur
Thomas Wu



Clinical Associate Professor

    Richard Alfred
    Robert Cheny
    John Czajka
    William Deluca
    James Dolph
    James Edmond
    David Foyt
    Debbie Kennedy
    Suheil Khuri
    Ernest Levy
    Thomas Lovely
    Richard MacDowell

E. Scott Macomber
Darroch Moores
Dominick Paonessa
Michael Perrotti
Brian Quinn
Lawrence Robinson
Donald Rivard
Stuart Rosenberg
Aaron Sher
Edwin Williams
David Zornow



Assistant Professor

    Louis Benton
    Stephane Baaun
    Jerome Chao
    Heidi DeBlock
    Elise De
    Neil Devejian
    Arthus Falk   

John German
Muhammed Hena
D. James Koumanis
David Kuehler
William Lloyd
Jason Mouzakes



Clinical Assistant Professor

    R. Maxwell Alley
    Arthur Cohn
    Neil Coleman
    Robert Cooley
    Richard D'Ascoli
    Martin Engelstein
    Daniel Finn
    Douglas Hargrave
    Richard Katz
    John Kavanaugh
    Robert Leupold
    Steven Lynch
    Joseph Marotta
    Charles Martin 

Peter Masso
John Noonan
William O'Connor
William Oberheim
David Quinn
Jeffrey Rockmore
James Schneider
Gavin Setzen
James Slavin
James Striker
Jon Toussaint
Richard Whipple
Gary Willimas



Adjunct Assistant Professor

    Eric Ledet

Anita Mannikarottu




    Jeannie Change
    Mark Davidson
    Joseph Fay
    Steven Goldstein
    Arthur Isenberg
    Denis Lusignan
    Jonathan Sastic

Lois Sastic
Michael Schrom
John Spring
Kenneth Stalter
Virgilio Victoriano
Ronald Zerbe