Mission, Vision & Values - Albany Medical Center's Mission Statement

As an academic health sciences center, Albany Medical Center has a mission of providing excellence in medical education, biomedical research, and patient care. Albany Medical Center has a responsibility to:

  • Educate medical students, physicians, biomedical students, and other health care professionals from demographically diverse backgrounds in order to meet the future primary and specialty health care needs of the region and nation;
  • Foster biomedical research that leads to scientific advances and the improvement of the health of the public; and
  • Provide a broad range of patient services to the people of eastern New York and western New England, including illness-prevention programs, comprehensive care, and the highly complex care associated with academic medical centers.

The mission will be achieved through commitment to the values of Quality, Excellence, Service, Collaboration, Compassion, Integrity, and Fiscal Responsibility.

We at Albany Medical Center will continue to develop as a nationally recognized academic health science center.  In collaboration with the community, we will provide excellence in education, research, and patient care programs.

Our vision for the future includes a commitment to working with other providers to make comprehensive and advanced clinical services available to the public while emphasizing quality and service. We will be a leader in developing an innovative health care delivery system and educational consortium that respond to the needs of the community.

Albany Medical Center will sustain a working and learning environment that fosters teamwork and commitment to share values and goals.  Through sound fiscal management, the Medical Center will be able to enhance its teaching and research programs to be on the forefront of medical knowledge and innovative patient care.


Quality and Excellence

  • Assure continuous quality improvement in all aspects of our mission
  • Commit to excellence in all we do


  • Provide excellent service to patients, students, staff, and all others who use, work in, or visit our facility
  • Recognize and value the contributions and potential of the entire Medical Center community
  • Seek and be sensitive to the advice of our constituents


  • Collaborate in a way that enhances the health of our region


  • Maintain the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct
  • Assure that relationships are open, honest, and fair


  • Recognize an individual's basic rights to respect, privacy, dignity, understanding, and spiritual guidance

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Manage all resources in a fiscally responsible and prudent manner
  • Meet our charitable responsibilities